Traditional Irish Brown Bread

[ad_1] Traditional Irish Brown Bread | Food Bloggers of Canada Canadian chef Janine Kennedy finds herself living on a dairy farm in Ireland experiencing St. Patrick’s day first hand & baking this traditional Irish Brown Bread recipe. via Food Bloggers of Canada [ad_2]

Chicken Provencal

[ad_1] A quicker and leaner version of the French classic! Chicken breasts cooked in white wine and herbs de Provence. [ad_2]

Steamed Yeast Dumplings | German Dampfnudel (Vegan) – Elavegan

[ad_1] Step by step instructions how to make steamed yeast dumplings (also known as Dampfnudel in Germany or Germkn√∂del in Austria). These delicious yeast rolls are filled with plum jam, topped with poppy seeds and vanilla sauce. Great dessert or breakfast which is vegan, gluten-free, and easy to make! #dampfnudel[…]